Ex Girlfriend Quotes

A few months ago my girlfriend left me, and just like any other guy I had a hard time coping with this. I was looking for some ex girlfriend quotes and simply could not find a decent site. So I decided to create on myself.
You will find a handful of quotes on this very page and I will continue to add more as long as it takes me to get over the pain.
I hope this site will help you overcoming your sadness and maybe change the frustration into the defiance, strength, and put an end to the miserable type of mood you probably are in at the moment.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes. Enjoy.

‘Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.

I absolutely love this one. It has has such a positive view on things and lets you realize that the positive things that happened in the past will help you moving along. Of course, it always hurts to lose something, but memories should be cherished and not be used to make yourself feel miserable.

Shot through the heart, And you’re to blame, Darlin’, You give love a bad name.

This one really rocks (forgive me for the pun). Yeah, your girlfriend left you and it hurts your heart. But blame it on her, it is HER fault. She simply has no clue what she is missing. It is not love that hurts you, it is the girl that gives love that taint, that makes love a thing that hurts.

You told me you love me, Why did you leave me all alone (all alone). Now you tell me you need me, When you call me on the phone ( call me on the phone). Girl I refuse, You must have me confused with some other guy (not like them baby) . The bridges were burned, Now its your turn to cry.

While I am not big fan of Justin Timberlake or his music, I think that the words of this song are a splendid way of standing up in defiance saying: you left me, you decided that we do not belong together. Now YOU have to live with that decision, so save yourself the trouble and don’t come crawling back like a worm.

Hearts will never be practical until they are made unbreakable.

No doubt, there is quite a bit of resignation in that one. But for some reason I can’t help but smile whenever I read it. Probably it is the way the Wizard of Oz looks at the heart. As if he considered it to be a mechanical device. Some sort of motor that needs oiling and fixing every now and then. And of course, the word ‘practical’ simply does not fit the word ‘heart’ – our hearts (the thing carrying our emotions) is not supposed to be practical, it is supposed to convey emotions – good or bad. Yet still, I keep wondering how you’d go about oiling or fixing a heart.

Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.

To be honest I have not the slightest idea who Kathleen Casey is – but this quote makes her one of the wisest people to ever wander this planet – at least in my eyes. There is so much truth in those few words, they are almost dripping with wisdom. There definitely IS no way to get rid of pain. Pain just happens. While you may be able to treat it, there is no way to go through life without encountering it over and over again. But that does not mean you need to suffer. Raise your head. Stand strong. Accept the pain as a part of you. Stop forcing yourself to suffer.

My ex left me for some balding, over-weight, less intelligent, less attractive, less financial secure person.

No idea where I found that one – probably in a very remote and dusty corner of the internet. I just love this one because it is so full of all the feelings somebody has after being left by his girlfriend: frustration, hatred, the inability to understand, and most importantly: a high degree of healthy self-esteem. You are better than her new guy – you look better, are smarter, and even earn more money than him. Something to keep in mind – a lot better than trying to find fault in yourself.

Thank god she is somebody else’s problem now!

Ha! and again … Ha! Now that’s the spirit!

No man should wear his ex-girlfriend’s jeans.

Ok … errm, this one I HAD to list. Simply because I cannot really put my finger on it. Yes, yes, it is completely taken out of context (this quote is coming from some Style Blog) – and still, if you ask me, you can read so much into that one. But I’d rather leave that up to you ;)

There are quite a few more ex girlfriend quotes I found, and I will continue adding them. Have a look at the categories.